I AM PEACE, along with our student affiliate, the Pacers for Peace, is currently seeking donations to finance our project: a Peace Park located on the land adjacent to the Grant High School campus. The plans have been completed, and the land has been pledged. The students themselves will participate in the erection of an elegant garden with a Peace Bell and benches to enjoy the serenity that peace inspires.

Click this link to go to
www.internationalpeacepark.wordpress.com to view a video outlining our plans for the Peace Park.
Click here
to download the Pacers for Peace-Leaving a Legacy brochure.

If you would like to contribute to either the organization, I Am Peace, or to the construction of the Peace Park, please use the DONATE button above, or send your donations to:

I Am Peace, Inc.
  •  P.O. Box 70  •  Roseville, CA 95678-0070  •  916-863-5939

A multi-page website for
www.IAmPeaceNews.net is being developed and will showcase all of our events and updates on our projects, fundraising events, and more. Please bookmark this page and  stay tuned!
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Home I AM PEACE is an organization dedicated to promoting               non-violent resolution and conscientiousness. 

By swearing an oath, we embody peaceful thoughts, words and actions.


Through these words, our goal is to manifest
the peaceful path into our daily lives.

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